File a Patent

Why Should I File a Patent?

Every year, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) receives nearly half a million patent applications. Do not miss your chance to file a patent today!

Patents are simply a written agreement from the government declaring your right to a particular invention / innovation. There are different kinds of patents, including design patents, utility patents, and plant patents. Although copyrights and trademarks are similar in intent to patents, they are not patents and should not be confused as such.

Filing a patent is easy. If you are filing a patent, then you must do so with the help of a lawyer specializing in patents to make sure you do not make any mistakes when patenting your invention. Better safe than sorry!

Questions to Ask Before Filing a Patent

You should take several steps before filing a patent. First, you should ask yourself the following questions. Is my invention innovative? Has this been done before? Is there a chance that my patent may be denied? What kind of patent should I apply for: utility, design, provisional, or plant? All of these are reasonable questions you should ask yourself before filing a patent.

Other questions you may want to ask before filing a patent include: Is my innovation patentable? Am I better off not filing a patent? How much is a patent going to cost me? How long will my patent last? What are the conditions of my patent? Can I extend my patent before it expires? What if my patent is denied? There is no shame in asking these questions. There are also no illegitimate questions when it comes to understanding the basics of how to file a patent. Remember, only a fool asks no questions.

Filing a Patent

The following steps are for anyone who is considering filing a patent should take, whether your patent is for design, provisional, utility, or plant.

Review all current patent, intellectual property, and trademark laws.
File a Patent Application. Be careful to file your patent correctly. You may now do so electronically!
Make sure you pay for your patent.
Wait for approval of your patent, which may take up to two years.

These four simple steps ensure a successful patent filing process. If you have trouble with any aspect of filing for a patent, you should consult your attorney or patent agent filing the patent for you.