Patent Registration

Patent registration is an important part of the inventive process. Inventors use patents to protect their exclusive rights to an invention. These rights are well worth attempting to obtain as the patent protection lasts for a term of generally twenty years. For an inventor to gain these rights, however, inventors must follow a strict procedure to obtain patent registration. When seeking patent registration, inventors or designated assignees must use the services of a patent lawyer or agent. These patent lawyers and agents pass a rigorous United States Patent and Trademark Office examination of proficiency and competence in filing patent registrations for inventors. This process prevents poor quality registration and filing. After seeking counsel with a patent agent or lawyer, the patent registration process begins.

Inventors must properly file a patent registration using strict Patent Office procedures. A patent lawyer or agent must take care of this action. Once an inventor decides to seek a patent, the Patent Office will ask certain questions. These questions verify the authenticity of an invention for patent and thus, patent protection. The Patent Office employs this practice to prevent bogus, outdated, or infringing patent registration requests.

The questions asked to ascertain the validity of a patent claim include:

Is the applicant the inventor or one of the inventing parties?
Does the patent contain a written description that one “skilled in the art” could understand?
Does the patent make one or more claims?
Is the invention useful in any form?
Is the invention innovative or new in any manner?
Does the invention fall under patentable items?

The Patent Office applies all these questions to patent registrations to determine whether patent protection can be offered. Authors of patent registrations must clearly describe and answer all these questions when filing a patent registration. The importance of properly filing all paperwork cannot be understated. Having an expert patent lawyer or agent filing your patent registration is required by law and vitally important. All inventors are skilled at their work and have put a significant amount of effort into creating their invention or innovative technique. All patent lawyers and agents understand this and work diligently to prepare a proper patent registration for the inventors. Without proper filing and patent registration, an invention faces no protection rights or infringement royalties. In essence, inventors garner no financial gain or exclusive use. For a professional inventor, the results of a failed patent registration attempt could prove disastrous.